Weekly Health Quiz: Dementia and Cholesterol

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1 Recent research suggests many nutrient deficiencies around the world could be effectively addressed and resolved by:

  • Providing free supplements via global aid organizations
  • Fairer fish trade, allowing more fish to be consumed by locals

    Recent research suggests many nutrient deficiencies could be resolved by eating more seafood, and retaining more of the local fish catches for the local population rather than exporting them. Learn more.

  • Fortifying more foods with lacking nutrients
  • More frequent sun exposure

2 Which of the following is a reason sometimes given to be granted a religious belief exemption to vaccination?

  • Some vaccines are manufactured using adult human cells
  • All vaccines are deadly
  • Some vaccines are manufactured using human cells from aborted fetuses

    One commonly cited reason for claiming a religious vaccine exemption has to do with the fact that some vaccines are made using aborted fetal cell lines. Learn more.

  • By artificially preventing disease, you disobey the will of God

3 Legionnaire's disease is:

  • An infectious brain disease
  • A harmless condition similar to a mild cold
  • A parasite infestation spread via poorly washed produce
  • A serious water-borne respiratory disease

    Legionnaire's disease is a severe and potentially lethal form of pneumonia. The Legionella bacterium thrives in warm, fresh water and is typically contracted by inhaling contaminated water vapor. It is not contagious between individuals. Learn more.

4 Which of the following has been shown to be a useful tool to distinguish between two similar types of dementia — Lewy body dementia and Alzheimer's disease?

  • The patient's gait pattern while walking

    Researchers have discovered that gait analysis can be used as a quick way to identify the type of dementia an individual has. Those with Lewy body dementia have greater variation in their step length and greater step time asymmetry than do people with Alzheimer's. Learn more.

  • The patient's arm movements during swimming
  • The patient's eye movements during conversation
  • The patient’s speech pattern during conversation

5 The Grocery Manufacturers Association (GMA):

  • Has made GMOs acceptable to the public
  • Has collapsed through activists' efforts

    The once powerful GMA has admitted defeat and rebranded into a much weaker group called the Consumer Brands Association. Learn more.

  • Is supported by all processed food manufacturers
  • Promotes healthy products and farming methods

6 Saturated fat and cholesterol…

  • Are the cause of heart disease
  • Should be replaced with transfats
  • Are a small factor in heart disease

    Insulin resistance, Type 2 diabetes and chronic inflammation, not saturated fat and cholesterol, are the main drivers of cardiovascular disease. Learn more.

  • Are best treated with a statin

7 Which of the following holistic therapies is sometimes recommended for cancer patients as it stimulates your immune system and works like a chemo drug?

  • Hyperbaric oxygen therapy
  • Alkaline water
  • Coffee enemas
  • Mistletoe therapy

    Mistletoe therapy stimulates your fever response. It's an immunostimulating medicine that also works like a chemo drug. Dr. Thomas Cowan recommends it, almost universally, for his cancer patients. Learn more.


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