If You Forget Me “Remember” – Motivational Video

If you Forget Me “Remember” – Motivational Video

Mathieu Clobert – Heroes

Tom O'Bedlam

Brotherly Love; British Airways- Fuelled by Love; Extra Gum- The Story of Sarah & Juan; Frans – If I Were Sorry; LEGO® Commercial- Inspire Imagination and Keep Building; Lowe's House Love; XTB's TV ad starring Mads Mikkelsen- ‘I trade. I love it.' (Extended version)

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Please let me know wether there is anything else I should mention. All content is meant to support the message. In turn I want to promote the content and help/motivate/inspire people just like many other Greats have helped me. Please support the original & respective Creators. This video is meant for Educational & Lifestyle Purposes. If any of the original creators wants to have a video taken down send me a message and I will make it happen.

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Help us caption & translate this video!


Help us caption & translate this video!