Hi, I’ve just started the keto diet diet but am a short worker. I’m starting my nights sleep I need a simple meal for work. I was thinning steamed broccoli, cauliflower and baby carrots covered in cheddar cheese. Is this okay with sticking with the diet ?

I guess that was shift worker. I do shift work too and travel a lot. Simple answer is have a small travel cooler and take food with you. Boiled eggs are a staple, if you can handle them tins of sardines are perfect. Nuts, cheeses, cold cuts, some veggies, raw cauliflower, some berries & thick cream. I also take unsalted butter for my coffee. the odd square of 80% dark chocolate, for a treat. Have what you like as long as it is not sugar, (this includes fruit) and doesn’t contain any grains #NSNG the diet doctor site has some good graphics with ideas.

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