Concussion Treatment: 7 Natural Ways to Treat a Concussion

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Concussion treatment - Dr. Axe

Millions of people in the United States suffer from a concussion each year due to motor vehicle accidents, falls, assault and taking part in sports. With lawsuits pending against the NFL and NHL over the long-term consequences of multiple concussions, athletes are considered the most at risk, particularly if they participate in football, hockey, basketball, soccer, cheerleading, wrestling, boxing or cycling.

The University of California Brain Injury Research Center states that somewhere between 1.6 million and 3.8 million sports-related concussions happen each year in the United States. And, their research shows that the majority of these injuries occur in teen athletes. (1)

Read on to learn  about the symptoms of concussion plus the key aspects of concussion treatment.

What Is a Concussion?

A mild traumatic brain injury (TBI) is called a concussion. This injury typically occurs due to a blunt force trauma; however, a penetrating trauma can cause concussions too. A concussion happens when the brain bounces inside the skull; this can cause contusions, bruising and even bleeding. A thorough examination and monitoring are necessary first steps in concussion treatment, or after any head trauma. The first 24 hours after the injury are crucial. (2)

Losing consciousness is a symptom of a concussion, but the loss of consciousness is not the only determining factor. Medical concussion treatment should be sought as quickly as possible after any whiplash-like event, fall or abuse. In the hours following an injury, subdural and epidural hematomas, contusions and edema may develop and it is imperative that patients are monitored closely. (3)

The most common signs of a concussion in healthy adults and teens include: (45)

  1. Temporary loss of consciousness
  2. Headache
  3. Feeling of pressure in the head
  4. Ringing in the ears
  5. Confusion or brain fog
  6. Memory loss surrounding the event
  7. Nausea or vomiting
  8. Slurred speech
  9. Fatigue
  10. Delayed response to stimuli
  11. Appearing dazed
  12. Mood and personality changes, including irritability and depression
  13. Sensitivity to noise and direct light
  14. Neck pain
  15. Uncharacteristic clumsiness

A Note About Concussions in Infants, Children and Seniors

The vast majority of people who have a concussion will recover completely in a few days or weeks; however, serious complications can occur in the elderly, infants, children, and those who have experienced multiple concussions. It’s important to be familiar with the signs and symptoms of concussions in each of these groups as they can all present differently.

Concussion Treatment: 7 Natural Remedies

Concussion treatment focuses on making the person comfortable, alleviating headaches and getting plenty of physical and mental rest. Below are seven natural remedies for concussion treatment. Other natural concussion treatment options to help recovery include diffusing lavender oil and other stress-reducing essential oils and participating in music therapy.

  1. Sleep and rest
  2. Light exercise
  3. Fish…

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